Finding the Right CT Wedding Ceremony Musician


By Annalisa

June 10, 2020

Congratulations - you’re getting married! You’ve chosen your date, venue and are imagining the day itself. In your mind’s eye you can see the wonderful flower bearers, the splendid maids and matrons of honor, the handsome groom and his best man all walking down the aisle and you hear - nothing. Now your walk, THE WALK, and as all your guests turn in their seats to see you in your gorgeous gown, you hear - the furniture creaking, your footsteps clomping and- nothing! The rings are exchanged, the ceremony is duly completed, your soul mate kisses you, and glowing you both turn and walk back down the aisle to great applause and cheers for an eternal 15 seconds. Then the guests gather themselves and file out and they hear - a lot of shuffling, otherwise - nothing!

That in itself is an unwanted note of grimness on a wonderfully happy day. Live music is a wonderful way to make your special day uniquely warm and memorable. Like live flowers instead of silk, there is a presence to a live performance which cannot be replaced or duplicated.

Aside from filling an awkward silence,  a CT wedding musician can cover up unwanted sounds as well - like the college roommate who is overcome with both joy and hiccups from the champagne toasts at breakfast, the howls of your truly adorable nephew as he gets lost with the rings on his way amidst all those tall grownups, or your wonderfully supportive father grumbling in a basso profundo that, darn it, the groom is on the wrong side of the altar!

Music gracefully fills these otherwise silent and awkward moments by speaking to us without words and it is truly a magical way to let your family and friends know how you feel about them and your special day. And besides, it is a very elegant touch for the occasion.

So go ahead, enhance the experience and embrace excellence as only a live performance can offer! So what’s next? The answer is it all depends on you! If the setting is traditional, say, a church or synagogue, often you will be offered an organist or pianist with the venue. In fact some places include a wedding musician, with a fairly standard repertoire of wedding music as part of the booking fee. Or, if you want more control and choices to create the exact mood you have in mind, hire your own wedding musician.