Searching Your Artiste


By Annalisa

June 20, 2020

Bride and Groom

Between the internet and the phonebook you can probably find several reputable musician booking agencies. Agencies tack on a fee but the good ones have great experience at finding the talented talent for your needs. The downside is that sometimes your contact with the performers themselves and your discussion with them before the day may be limited, and often if there is a reception band they will just single out one of the band members to fill the ceremony spot.


Working direct with musicians provides you with a better opportunity to get to know the person who will be sharing your moment in the spotlight and the internet is a great place to find them. An added benefit of an online search is that on some sites that aggregate individual musicians and allow you to search by specialty (guitar, flute, tuba) also have customer feedback and reviews which are very helpful in providing confidence in your selection.


Beware! Many venues will want to assign you a musician with their own pre-assigned and pre-approved repertoire, which is a pretty stiff trade-off on a day which is meant to be customized to your dreams. I call this “venue tyranny” and it is amazing how often this happens!

If you’re undecided as to what instruments and how many, you might start out with something like “Fairfield County wedding musicians.” Once you’ve looked over what’s available, refine your search to “string quart,” “flute and violin duet,” and the ever so elegant “classical guitarist,” (self-serving promotion added here!).


Once you’ve found someone who fits your vision of a perfect wedding day investigate further with an inquiry online or by phone. The musician should respond promptly, politely and be sincerely interested in you and what they can add to your wedding.

Most successful wedding musicians will have a web presence, either via a booking site or a link to a site of their own. Audio samples, client reviews and perhaps even videos will help can get a better feel for what they do and for the special memory they can create for your ceremony.

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